VIDEO: Founder Drew Peneton Talks Veteran Issues at Ignite Event

In October, I had the privilege to be one of 18 amazing presenters at Ignite Phoenix #13.  My presentation was “Battlefield:Business – The unspoken arena veterans face at home.”  An audience of over 850 was there for one of the greatest nights of my life as I told my story, laid the case for veteran reintegration issues, and asked everyone to join me in supporting the mission.

What is Ignite Phoenix?

Ignite Phoenix is 18 presenters, each armed with a 20 slide, 5 minute information exchange; it fosters and inspires Phoenix and global communities to share, experience, and enjoy different topics from the creative and subjective, to cerebral, inspirational, technical, and philosophical. Presentations will educate, exhilarate, motivate, and move you, and you’ll look at your world in a whole new light.  Presenters get to the point quickly, and must make it exciting and engaging.


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Former Combat Infantryman (OEF, OIF2) turned business and finance professional. Advocate for fellow veterans in the struggle to find careers when they leave the service. Someone once asked me how I did it so easily. "Easily?" Going from gunshots and explosions to school and business was most certainly not "easy." That was when I was encouraged to tell my story and why, since then, I have made my mission to not only help those in the same struggle succeed, but raise awareness and gather support.

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    That was one heck of a five minute speech!
    It would bring a tear to the eyes of anybody who loves this country and its people.
    Best of luck.

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