New Year and a New You!

New Year and a New You!

Rebranding yourself as a professional…
We’ve seen it, we’ve heard it, but what does it mean?  “Branding.” It’s not just for big name companies.  You have a brand!  It just so happens that your brand is camouflage and a rifle. You and hundreds of thousands more.  So what makes you different?

Think about what you love; what is your passion?  Learn your craft, embrace the attitude, get positive, and seek out your opportunity!

The Success Equation
Remember when your commanding officer used to tell you, “Keep it simple, stupid?”  Same rule applies to the civilian world.   There are three basic components, when combined create the formula for success:


Is something missing? (I doubt it, but make sure to leave a comment below if you think otherwise.)

Some of us may not be as talented as others, that just means you need greater effort or to find more opportunity.  Some may naturally have less opportunity, but if you excel in your craft and work harder than anyone else, it won’t be a problem.   See how that works?

The Opportunity…
My challenge to you? Find the opportunities around you, ask for help if you need it, then put in some sweat equity. Your first opportunity? Career Expos. has released their 2012 Career Fair Calendar; I suggest you shine your shoes and go.

Special note:
If you are in the Phoenix area, and would like some one-on-one coaching, we will have a pre-fair networking/strategy event on February 8th. Contact for details. The Phoenix Career Expo is on February 9th from 10am-2am at 552 North 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008. Be sure to look for a Boots to Suits transition liaison.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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Former Combat Infantryman (OEF, OIF2) turned business and finance professional. Advocate for fellow veterans in the struggle to find careers when they leave the service. Someone once asked me how I did it so easily. "Easily?" Going from gunshots and explosions to school and business was most certainly not "easy." That was when I was encouraged to tell my story and why, since then, I have made my mission to not only help those in the same struggle succeed, but raise awareness and gather support.

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