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last dayThe reality of military jobs and careers is that they eventually come to an end for everyone.  In today’s environment it seems they are coming to an end faster than before.  Everyone in the military must go through the career transition process.  Your time just happens to be now.  So let’s get that positive attitude flowing and find that civilian job that leads to renewed career success!

It is extremely important that you manage this transition responsibly; this should be your central focus.  Where have you been?  Where are you now?  Where do you want to go?  A clear sense of your past, present and future will help you focus.  Did you enjoy your military job(s)?  Chances are you will really love your civilian career too, but you must be diligent in selecting the right fit in the civilian world.  This isn’t going to happen overnight.  There are no magic pills to take.  This is going to happen because of your serious thinking and planning; it begins with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Set Goals
  2. Assess your skills
  3. Chart a course of action

Involve other people in this process.  If you are married, consult your spouse.  We don’t want this career transition to be any more difficult than it should be!

Chances are you plan on doing something rewarding in your new worklife.  If you transition properly, it can lead to a rewarding career.  Some people haphazardly wander to inappropriate jobs, become unhappy job-hoppers  who communicate the wrong messages to potential employers.  Unfortunately, they repeat this pattern of disappointment endlessly.  This should not happen to you.

Military veterans have excellent skills and experience that are readily marketable in the civilian world.  What you need to know is how to present and market your skills and experience in today’s job market.  This is done by acquiring another set of skills – job search skills.

Do you know:

  • how to write a job-winning resume?
  • what networking is and how to use it?
  • how to locate the best employers?
  • how to get advice, information and referrals?
  • how to negotiate a higher salary?

You will be able to clearly answer these questions once you develop or refine your job search skills; it’s time to start this thing off right!

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Former Combat Infantryman (OEF, OIF2) turned business and finance professional. Advocate for fellow veterans in the struggle to find careers when they leave the service. Someone once asked me how I did it so easily. "Easily?" Going from gunshots and explosions to school and business was most certainly not "easy." That was when I was encouraged to tell my story and why, since then, I have made my mission to not only help those in the same struggle succeed, but raise awareness and gather support.

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